12 List-Selected Mac Operations

  1. Drag Web Page Images to Desktop
  2.  Screen Capture to desktop file
  3.  Screen Capture to Clipboard
  4. PDF - Print any file to PDF
  5. Hide Unused Windows

  6. Customize top toolbar of Finder window
  7. Customize left sidebar of Finder window
  8. Expand folder and ALL folders inside it when in List view
  9. Record a movie of screen operations
  10. Record movie from built-in iSight camera
  11. Reveal location in Finder of an open file
  12. Safari - minimize clutter at top

  13. Minimize (or maximize) a window slow motion
  14. Have computer speak text

    NOT ON PAGE 13

  15. Preview - combine PDF's into one file
  16. Use applescript to trim file names
Details of some of these operations on cpamu.com webpage, click here