Manhattan NY Notes

Manhattan NY  

I talked to both Adelle Cohen and Joan Kushinoff on the phone around Feb. 2010.

They have 12 computers, plus teaching a computer.

They use Mac Minis, with 20" monitors. Joan mentions you can re-use the keyboards and monitors from the previous computers when switching to Mac. They get their copy of Windows from via SeniorNet (maybe??).

They use a system named Faronics Insite, which allows them to switch the students' screens to shows what's on the teacher's screen (and back and forth).
Adelle sent me a separate email on this, which I will forward later.

They are located in the inside the Jewish Commuinity Center in Manhattan NY. The JCC supplies and maintains the computers, and also collects the course fees (I think she said).

SeniorNet teaches iPhoto using the Mac OS, and the JCC teaches a Photoshop class using the Mac OS. The rest of the time, the Macs are running Windows.

Some of their students are now buying Macs when they get a new computer, so they getting more demand for Mac classes.

Joan herself says she doesn't like Macs, even though her sister has one.

At 5:43 PM -0500 2/27/10, Joan Kushinoff wrote:

Jim - we are finding that more and more of our students are using MAC machines. and are trying to determine the kind of courses to offer.

We have offered a course for "students who know the PC and are now using a Mac" with some success

We are also thinking about offering some sort of basic course for the Mac, but are having a hard time determining the course content.

We use mac-mini which can run the MAC operating system as well as the PC operating system, so hardware is not the problem.
Hope this helps,
joan kushinoff
jcc seniornet

At 9:44 AM -0500 12/23/10, Joan Kushinoff wrote:
Sorry, we do not have any mac course material, we tried offering a beginner course for mac users, but had no interest, so the material was never created.

This session we are offering a basic digital photo workshop for mac users, material for this course has not been created yet.

We are fortunate, we have MAC machines that can run both mac and pc operating systems.  They work great. but even though we are finding that more of the students are using mac's, they are not coming to us for instruction.  we are located in manhattan, where there are three Apple stores, that offer one-on-one assistance.